How Much Excess Baggage Could You Unpack Spending 21 Days with Unlimited Access to Your Coach? 


“Coach Dora’s positive mental attitude coaching style and infectious personality make you believe you can do anything.  She is a motivational mentoring coach that exhibits tough love, so be prepared for an occasional kick in the butt."


”I went on vacation and I felt like my coach went with me. Just that daily telephone chat made all the difference in keeping me on track. Thanks so much Coach Dora."



Evict the Excuses  |  Take Responsibility for Your Life  |  Create Your Personal Power Plan  |  Recalibrate Your Circle of Influence  |  Design Your Yes! Experience  |  Think Bigger  |  See Bigger  |  Do Bigger


What Do You Really Need to Say Yes To?

Are you ready to unpack your baggage, release the skeletons, and evict the excuses?  Are you really, really, REALLY ready to say Yes to yourself?  Are you ready to say Yes to your hopes, desires, and dreams?  Are you really ready to get out of your own way and take responsibility for your life?  What do you really, really, REALLY want and how bad do you want it?  What is your reason WHY and how big is it?  Are you watching others travel the happiness route paved with fulfillment and joy while you sit in the corner and ponder “why not me?”  Stop it.  Please stop it!  I’m not a magician and can’t perform magic, but what I can do is partner with you for 21 days to help you think bigger, see bigger, do bigger, and become bigger … whatever bigger is for you!

Why the 21-Day Butler-Style Coaching Experience . . .

I love the butler service experience when I travel.  The white-glove personalized service ensures that I receive the best attention, genuine care and concern, and specialized amenities catered specifically to me.  Why not offer my premium clients the same unmatched attention and care?  This butler-style coaching experience is not your traditional coaching or self-help program and is not for everyone.  When you invest in yourself, you must be in a position to commit to interacting with your coach each day for 21 consecutive days and agree to be held accountable for any actions we create together.  It’s my intense, no-nonsense, just-do-it approach.

Who Is the Experience For?

I love practicing retirement, so I only work with a limited number of clients.  The prerequisite for acceptance is that you must be excited and inspired about moving forward with your vision.  We will work together to create your passport plan for getting you from vision to victory.  You must be willing to say Yes to yourself and take responsibility for your life as it is now and how you desire it to be.  You must be amenable to working through any limiting beliefs, fears, grief, doubts, past hurts, failures, and relived stories that have held you hostage. 


I am here to help you think big, see big, do big, and become bigger, and we will have fun enjoying the voyage together.  Life is here.  It is now.  It is waiting for you.

Are You Ready to Say Yes?

This program is not inexpensive, yet it is inexpensive for what you receive during our 21-day journey together:

  • Initial one-hour strategy session to activate your boarding pass and design your “Yes Passport.”

  • Communicate with your coach each day for 21 consecutive days.

  • Destination progress report by coach and client every seven days.

  • Unlimited access to your coach for 21 days via phone, email, or text (access and response times will be specified).


Currently, the program cost is only $3,497 and financing is available.  Can you really put a price tag on having 21 days of personal access, mentoring, and coaching to achieve your desired results?


What Happens Next?

If you think the 21-Day Butler-Style Coaching Experience is a good fit for you, submit the requested information.  When a space becomes available, you will be contacted to schedule a pre-enrollment chat to discuss further details and answer all of your questions.  Until then, enjoy your day and keep moving forward!

I am ready to say Yes!  Please contact me when a space becomes available.